Rockport Adventure Camp 877 TX BIRDS

Get them out there!

  Summer 2022 Sessions      

May 30-June 3


__Age Group (5-9)         __Age Group (10-14)

       (PLEASE CHOOSE APPROPRIATE AGE GROUP)            This Session will sell out quickly.

June 6-10 Ages 5-9

June 13-17 Ages 10-14

June 20-24

2 Age Groups with Separate Activities

___Age Group 5-9     ___Age Group 10-14

Camps are week long (Mon-Fri) day camps.

Our hours are 9AM -2PM


$20 Registration

$300 Per Session

                                Mailing Address:                                    PO Box 65, Fulton, TX  78358

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Our Campers enjoyed a great time last summer.  Learning adventures were had by all!  Be sure to check out our Facebook page and link to our camp adventure photos.

All activities will be led by First Aid/CPR certified Adventure Camp staff.  We will also be assisted by Park Rangers, tour boat captains, Master Naturalists, biologists, qualified volunteers and a lifeguard on duty throughout all activities. 

Water, bug spray, sunscreens, first aid kits and emergency contact information will be with camp staff at all times.  Please remember your camper’s bag with towel, change of clothes and shoes. 

Times and locations may change slightly due to weather conditions and/or unexpected circumstances.  Please note that you will be dropping off and picking up your camper at Base Camp (202 North Fulton Beach Rd., Fulton Harbor). 

On our field trips, we will be taking our tour boat the Skimmer, driven by Captain Tommy Moore.  The instructors will have a phone with them at all times, so please call if there are any questions or you need to pick your child up early for any reason (361-463-5003).  Also, please have your camper wearing clothing that may get muddy, wet or paint on them. They will also need to arrive wearing wading boots and sunscreen every day, and will need to wear their swim suits on some days as well.  Please see schedule.  We are very excited to be able to provide such a unique outdoor adventure camp to our youth.  It’s going to be a blast!

Rainy day activities will include:

    •    Fish Prints
    •    Lure and Rig assembly (knots)
    •    Jellyfish in a Jar project
    •    Owl Pellet ID and more!

PLEASE NOTE:  If you would like to sign up for one or two days ONLY, each day will be $75.

Prices do not include the services of park rangers and What-A-Kite friends, their services are provided free of charge.  All outdoor activities subject to change due to weather conditions.  Rainy day activities may include, but not limited to, recycled crafts, science labs, aquarium and education center visits, museum tours, Fulton Mansion visits, lip sync fun, and other fun activities.